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( Henningsen, Charles Frederick )REVELATIONS OF RUSSIA: or, The Emperor Nicholas and His Empire in 1844, By An English Resident. In Two Volumes. London, 1845. Full Leather Binding.Second Edition1845£55
(Grosvenor, Lord Robert)Leaves from my journal during the summer of 1851. For private circulation, John Murray, 1852. Inscribed from the Author.First Edition1852£185
(Kennedy, B H; Riddell, J;)Sabrinae Corolla in Hortulis: Regiae Scholae Salopiensis Contexuerunt Tres Viri Floribus Legendis (Greek & Latin Poetry). 1850, First Edition Leather Binding.First Edition1850£20
[Belsham, William]Essays, Philosophical, Historical, and Literary. 1789, First Edition. Original plain boards First Edition1789£850
[Chaudon, L M; & Delandine F A]Nouveau Dictionnaire Historique Ou Histoire Abrégée De Tous Les Hommes Qui Se Sont Fait Un Nom Par Des Talens, Des Vertus, Des Forfaits, Des Erreur, etc., In 13 Volumes. 1753-1805. Complete. 1783£175
[COSIN, Richard]An Apologie for Sundrie Proceedings by Iurisdiction Ecclesiastical, in 2 Parts. Deputies of Christopher Barker, 1593. 1593£750
[COX, John Edmund]Musical Recollections of the Last Half-Century . In two Volumes, 1872, First Edition, Leather Binding.First Edition1872£55
[Fawcett, William]An Elucidation of Several Parts of His Majestys Regulations for the Formations and Movements of Cavalry. 1798, 1st. Edn. Two parts in one VolumeFirst Edition1798£245
[HORT, RICHARD Lt. Col John Josiah Hort]The Days When We Had Tails on us. Newman, 1849, with Hand Coloured Plates. Leather BindingSecond Edition1849£75
[Hughes, Thomas]Tom Browns School-Days by an old Boy. No Date, C1907. Full Leather School Prize Binding. VG 1907£25
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