A Collection of 11 Pamphlets Bound in One Volume: 1796-1817. Leather Binding.

Illustrator: None/Unknown
Edition: Unknown
Price: £275


Published in 1796 by Unknown Publisher, in London.
Seller notes: 1- Jordans Complete Collection of All the Addresses and Speeches of the Hon. C. J. Fox, Sir A. Gardner, and J. H. Tooke, at the late interesting contest for Westminster.. with the Speeches of J H Tooke on the 28th. of June, 1796. London, Printed for J S Jordan, 1796, 3rd. edn. PP:(ii), 5-62; 2- Bolingbroke: Letters, Addressed to the Right Honourable William Pitt. Dublin, printed by G. Folingsby, 1796, 1st. Irish edn.? PP:iv, 30; 3- A Vindication of the Duke of Bedfords attack upon Mr. Burkes Pension.. J.S. Jordan, 1796. PP:76(incl. ½ title); 4- [Francis, Sir Philip]: The Question as it Stood in March, 1798. Faulder, nd. PP:½ title, tp, 24; 5- Belsham, W: Remarks on the late definitive treaty of Peace signed at Amiens, March 25, 1802. Robinson, 1802, 2nd. edn. ½ title, title, 52pp; 6- The question why Do We Go To War? Wallis, 1803, 2nd. edn. tp, (ii), 30pp; 7- Letters Intercepted on Board the Admiral Aplin.. Dublin, J Parry, 1804. tp, 67pp; 8- Tooke, H: A letter to the editor of the Times. J. Johnson, 1807. tp, 22pp; 9- Roscoe, W: On the causes objects and consequences of the present war. Cadell, 1808. PP:tp, (ii)advert, 135, (i)advert; 10- A letter to a friend abroad on recent occurrences in England. Fisks, 1812. PP:20; 11- Observations on Lord Bathursts Speech in the House of Peers, on March 18, 1817. Longman, nd, 3rd. edn. PP:(ii), 111. BINDING & CONDITION: Bound in later ¾ morocco over marbled boards. Occasional foxing; top edges in No. 10 trimmed very close to the text.

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