Giornale Istorico Perpetuo: A HAND-WRITTEN MANUSCRIPT in ITALIAN, 981 Pages. Dated GENOVA, 1773. Full Leather Binding. (Giornale istorico Perpetuo: un Manoscritto ITALIANO, 981 Pagine. GENOVA 1773).

Author: CARBONARA, Raffael Gian-Battista; (Italian Manuscript)
Illustrator: None/Unknown
Edition: Manuscript
Price: £435


Published in 1773 by Unknown Publisher, in Unknown Location.
Seller notes: A SUPERB HAND-WRITTEN MANUSCIPT, IN ITALIAN: CONTENTS as follows: Prologo al lettore; Discorso ASTRONOMICO: pages: 13-32; Misure della Terra, e de'pianete: pages 33-49; Antichita, situazione, e governo di GENOVA: pages: 51-71; Divisioni del Tempo, e de Pesi: pages 73-75; Advertimenti: pages 77-85; Giclo Solare: pages 87-89; Tavola dell Aureo Numero, e dell Epatte: pages 91-100; Levare del Sole all'OROLOGIO ITALIANO: pages 103-146; Feste Mobili: pages 147-230; Gennajo-- Febbrajo-- December ( January-December): pages 231-869; Catalogo di tutti, sommi Pontefici: pages 871-915; Pages 916-918 left blank for update; Catalogu di Cardinali Genovesi, e del Dominio di Genova: pages 919-933; pages 934-940 left blank for update; Catalogi do qieo Vescpvo. e Arcivescovidi di Genova: pages 941-953; pages 954-956 left blank for update; Cat imperatori Liguri: pages 957; cat. Dogi della serenissima Republica Genova: pages 959-981; + c 200 blank pages at the end. BINDING: Contemporary full leather with lettering to spine; CONDITION: The book plate of G. Wuthrich to front pastedown; pencil note to front pastedown: from Cardinal del Reisach sale. A couple of pages with a small burn to top corners (away from the text); the binding beginning to destabilize due to the thickness; the odd small stain; on the whole A BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN MANUSCRIPT WITHOUT MANY FAULTS. (Pleas note that due to the fact that I am not familiar with the Italian language I can't provide much more information; however, I can provide more pictures.

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